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Partnerség és üzleti együttműködés.

  • Partnerség és üzleti együttműködés.

Részletes leírás

Ár : 0 Ft(Fix)
Hirdetéstípus : Eladó
Dátum : 2019.08.18.
Állapot : Új
Garancia : Igen
Hely : Nyíregyháza, Magyarország

Partnership and business cooperation.

I am presenting you an investment offer that is looking for a private investor

partners for long-term cooperation. This offer is available to both young people

and experienced entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas a

partnerships in new businesses or expansion of existing ones. The financial

The resources needed to finance any viable or profitable project are readily available

accessible to serious individuals and companies. Do not hesitate to contact me

you can always get more information on how to get involved in the funding program.

WhatsApp Number: +31684963378

Email: andersonshuman@gmail.com


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